Rock Art Brewery 2011 Holiday Bock

Rock Art Brewery Mountain Holidays in Vermont Bock

Rock Art Brewery Mountain Holidays in Vermont

Mountain Holidays In Vermont
Rock Art Brewery
ABV ??%

Another beer that wound up in my fridge over the holidays that I need to clear out to make room for next season’s beers.

The Pour:
Low viscosity pour that built up an impressive tan head, but that faded to nothing very quickly.
The Eyes: Brown/copper/red tones, definitely dark for a bock; very clear. (2/3)
The Nose: Figs, cola, honey, a general malty sweetness. (7/12)
The Tongue: 
Rich and malty, toasty, right on style. Caramel, cola, and a The hops are just a bit out of balance. One needs some bite to balance out the malts of course, but I think this has just a few IBU too many. It doesn’t ruin the beer, but knocks points off.  (11/20)
Appropriate to the style, at the low end of “low carbonation.” The fizzy kind, not the big bubble kind. Went flat relatively quickly though. Thin. (2/5)
Overall Impression: Not a bad beer, but just off in enough ways to not score well. Wouldn’t make a point to find more of this, but I’d give the 2012 a shot.(6/10)
BJCP score: 28/50
Overall/Closing Thoughts: Meh.